7: Area Wide Planning Case Studies

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This chapter will explore case studies of corridor projects that have already been completed. These case studies, which will be expanded upon and added to over time, will showcase the variety in form and function of corridor projects. Communities planning their own corridor projects will be able to derive lessons learned from the experiences of others, especially those who encountered similar challenges.

Case Study Categories

Many of these case studies were pulled from a repository of information about previous Area Wide Plan Grant winners from 2010, 2013, 2015, and 2017. Over the years, the BRIGHT Team has studied these various Area Wide Plans and used the resulting findings as the underpinnings of the BRIGHT Guide.

Below are a few categories to help orient this chapter and guide you to the case study that most closely reflects your community's features and characteristics.

The following case studies explore corridor projects that were near a waterway, had limited land zoned for residential use, were moderately effective in centering the perspectives of the most marginalized and local stakeholders, and successfully leveraged a wide variety of funds:

  1. Milwaukee Harbor District
  2. Menomonee River Valley Area

The following case studies explore corridor projects that had to remediate a large amount of environmental contamination, lacked a significant mix of funding sources, yet implemented a grassroots redevelopment plan that prioritized the needs and elevated the voices of the corridors’ predominantly impoverished and minority populace:

  1. Indy East Promise Zone
  2. Lower Frankford Creek Watershed

The following case studies explore corridor projects that were successful in their remediation of brownfields and implementation of new sustainable land uses, but often at the expense of the desires and wellbeing of their marginalized residents:

  1. Cleveland Opportunity Corridor

Milwaukee Harbor District

Indy East Promise Zone

Lower Frankford Creek Watershed

Menomonee River
Valley Area

Cleveland Opportunity Corridor